Suncrest Note – Last week


Heads up…if you are reading this after clicking on the Suncrest “note from Greg”, just scroll down one article and you’ll see the update from the trip.

 First, 2 things for the Ladies:   

1.        Have you used that phrase on your husband yet?  I was thinking about you today and the things I respect about you…and I just wanted you to know I love you.  If not, make sure you do in the next 12 hours.

2.       Help!  I have received a lot of feedback to prep for this Sunday’s message “All the things on her mind”, but I am totally open to more.  If there is anything you think I NEED to know before I teach on this Sunday, please email it to me – – I might not be able to reply to all of them, but I promise I will read all of them.

OK, men, you can read again now…I had some great discussions after Sunday’s message and thought it generated some things I should reflect on publicly.  Because the Bible teaches it AND because of the change I’ve seen it prompt in marriages, I so strongly believe that marriage is often about going the extra mile and giving of yourself even when the other doesn’t.  I think that is the essence of what the Bible teaches.

Having said that, a conversation on Sunday had me thinking that at least one person came away wondering if she should endure an abusive situation on this basis.  The clear answer is “no”.   Concern for physical safety is an indicator to get out of that immediate situation and seek help.  Rebuilding a relationship will not occur as long as abuse exists.  I wish this weren’t a real factor today, but I know it is and I just prayed for anyone who finds their marriage at this stage.

Be here this Sunday as we wrap up iMarriage with a challenge to the guys:  All the things on Her Mind

 Other Good Stuff 

-We’ll start registration this week for the 2 hour session “Fresh Perspectives in Marriage” that Counselor Steve Hoekstra will do on Sunday, April 6 (4-6pm).  We just confirmed that childcare will be available!  This experience isn’t really designed for the marriage in crisis (though it could be a first step in the right direction), but is really for any of us who have sensed our marriages could be better and that achieving that is worth some investment.  Cost is $15 per couple and you can sign up at the registration table.

 -It was great to have a full house to see the comedian Friday night!  It was even better that I met so many people you invited who don’t have a church home.  One guy was introduced to me after the show and he said, “I laughed my ____ off!”  Another lady was here with friends and when I invited her to come back to church, she said she would come on a Sunday, but was afraid the walls would fall in because God would be shocked she was here…but then said she would come  I love those stories because they reassure me that our church can be a place that normal, unchurched people can find an authentic place to explore faith. 

-We are double-dipping on comedian John Branyan and he is also going to be at our Community Group Leader Training this Saturday.  See you there, group leaders…we have great stuff on the horizon we need you to be in the loop on!

-I was in Boston Sunday night/Monday for a few meetings that just reminded me of how God has been at work.  I was on cloud nine coming home Monday night.   See below for my recap of “When Dreams Come True”.

I love you, Suncrest.

~ by Greg Lee on March 17, 2008.

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