This used to be cool…


I remember the first few times I got asked to fly somewhere for a meeting.  I couldn’t believe someone thought it was worth paying for a plane ticket to have me sit in a meeting!  (I still question people’s wisdom on that at times.) 

Maybe it is because we always drove everywhere when I was growing up, but I remember those first flights I had where I was amazed I could start the day in one part of the country and a few hours later I was in a totally different region.

Those days are gone.  Now I’m sitting in the airport on a Monday night trying to get back to Chicago.  Flight delayed…so I’ll get to my house about 1:00am instead of midnight.  Yesterday was…up early with time change…preach three times…visit a dear lady in our church (Linda Barnett, it was the 3rd anniversary of her husband Eddie’s death)…rush to the airport…fly to New Hampshire…connect with my friend and former intern/staff member Chris Snyder. 

Today was a drive into Boston a couple of good meetings a drive back to New Hampshire…after a couple phone meetings I’m just waiting for the plane.  Just looked at my schedule and I’ve got 6 more flights like this already scheduled between now and November…3 more in the next 7 weeks.

OK.  I’m done whining now.

~ by Greg Lee on March 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “This used to be cool…”

  1. Wow, I hope those flights don’t interfere with your commitment to the church softball team.

  2. yeah, I’m praying for a couple of rainouts in May already.

  3. hehe
    that’s funny
    i still think it’s cool since i don’t get to do it
    but with regards to my travelling sister, i get upset when they make her travel ad infinitum so much so she never gets work done or rest

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