Suncrest Note


Hey Suncrest,  

We have a huge weekend in front of us…iMarriage begins and we’ve focused a lot of outreach resources leading through this month.  I hope you have given away your invite kits from Sunday.  It is just one way to “Care about people far from God”!  

Something was kind of painful to me on Sunday.   It was watching the really large number of people file in and find their seats after the sermon had begun.  Of course, we had switched the normal service order and the message began less than 10 minutes into the service.  I have to tell you…the last thing in the world I want to do is harp on people about getting here on time (especially since harping is both annoying and ineffective.)  But here is what I do want you to consider:  There is a spiritual experience that we are working with God to create from the first drumbeat of the service to the final song.  We take an informal approach instead of being stiff, but what happens in that room for that 70 or so minutes is sacred. 

·    We hear from God through his Word. 

·   We trust God and his promises through our offering. 

·   We express ourselves to God through singing. 

·   We encounter the crucified Jesus through communion.    

I learned today that we have 45 people going through Financial Peace University beginning this week.  WOW.  I love it that generosity is only one part of our church’s conversation about money.  I know FPU will transform people’s lives as it brings health to their financial situations.  Special thanks to those who stepped up to lead the sessions on Sunday mornings, Tuesday nights and Thursday nights!  

Maybe my expectations were too low.  We originally had a goal of sending 100 people to launch the east campus this fall, but the buzz around this announcement has been encouraging  to me…and the actual response even better!  Get this:  We have had ONE of THREE info meetings and already have…very latest stats here…75 people signed on to go.  On top of that, the luncheon for this Sunday is also full.  There is still room at the 7:00 info dessert on Tuesday night…email East Campus Pastor Doug Gamble < > to reserve your spot there. I’ll see you Sunday (on time, right?)  

P.S.  Our Comedy Night is this coming Friday, March 7 (7:00pm).  Tickets are just $5 and it is the perfect occasion to invite new friends to Suncrest.  John Branyan is making his third trip back to Suncrest because he is HILARIOUS.  Get your tickets on Sunday at the reception center.

~ by Greg Lee on March 1, 2008.

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