Suncrest Note – Last week


Hey Suncrest, Apparently Doug gave up my “undisclosed location” on Sunday J.  Yes, I was 12 rows up from the crash on lap 181 at Daytona.  Yes, it’s a long story about how my dad got tickets to the race.  And, yes, I’m still in 80 degree Florida weather with the family…but will be back by the time some of you read this. 

I hope you’ll come out to hear the program by the 40 voice Lincoln Christian College Choir on Tuesday night.  It should be great.  There is no admission charge, but an offering will be received to support their tour. 

This Sunday, you will get some “Invite-Paks” to hand to your neighbors and friends.  We think March and April – with Easter right in the middle – is our best season for outreach this year.  I can’t wait for the series that begins on March 2.  It’s called “iMarriage” and is perfect whether you are dating, enjoying a great marriage or facing challenging season right now with your spouse.  It will be lots of fun in addition to receiving the insight God’s word always sheds on real-life issues like this. 

I know this multi-site concept had some flesh added to it on Sunday.  There will be more details to come, though much of it from here will be in settings like the upcoming informational lunches and desserts.  Speaking of those, I was kind of blown away by how many people have RSVP’d for the first one this Sunday.  I know some of you are just wired up to invest yourself in something that will matter long after you are gone and you are tackling this as an opportunity to do something for God with your one and only life.  You inspire me to no end!!

~ by Greg Lee on February 26, 2008.

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