On Vacation


I didn’t blog last week because I was on vacation with Jenny and the kids.  For part of the trip, we were also with my parents and Ben’s (younger brother) family.  Tim (older brother) flew down just to go to the Daytona 500 with my Dad and Ben — pictured above.

I’m not a NASCAR guy, but the Daytona experience was pretty incredible…the power of the cars…the diversity of people…the 83 degree sunshine…and more.

We did Disney parks 2 days and Sea World and just hung out other than that.  We had some great people at the church let us use their time-share for free and did the mini-golf, pools, paddle boat with Jack on the other days. 

One real highlight was having dinner with Brian and Cindy Koopmans (and Sam) Friday night.  They are suncrest friends that moved to Orlando.  More than friends, actually…they were our small group leaders and are Jack’s “Spiritual Mentors” from his dedication.

~ by Greg Lee on February 26, 2008.

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