So this is why…


This is why I love this church…

Got an email this week from one of our “seekers”.  The credit for this guys story goes to our staff and volunteers (especially our worship team!)  He’s on an authentic journey even if he has not yet embraced Christ.  He’s also volunteers for us as a great sound guy/engineer.  He sent this email to a number of us who have been part of his story here.  I share it with his permission…

Well this week marks pretty much a year ago since I came to Suncrest to run sound.


Its been a huge journey for me.  Not just as a sound guy but as a seeker of the truth.  Its been a hard line to balance between wanting to do the best I can for the sound and production of the services but also do the best I can at understanding what is happening around me and what the teaching is leading me towards.  I can say this, there has been many times I have wanted to give up, to leave, but something kept pulling me back in. 


Today, as I think about it, I think it must of been god.  Or the fact that Ive come to love and respect so many of you as not only Christians, but friends.  I made it a point to meet God halfway a year ago.  Its become more of a commitment then I ever imagined.   But as I try my best to really be open to how God has blessed me since I became apart of this team, I cant deny his blessings.  Ive seen many problems along the way, and they seem to turn out ok, they seem to work themselves out and things get better than they were.  I’ve had to give up control on so many issues, and as much as I hate it, Ive grown from it. 


I wanted to personally thank everyone of you, for being yourselves and allowing me to learn about god in my own time and my own space.  I can honestly tell everyone of you that this is the ONLY Church Ive ever felt comfortable at.  And Ive gone to church most of my life.  Well from 0-16 then randomly until last year.  I will tell you all this, Im more open to what god is and can do in my life than I have ever been.  Yes, I haven’t taken that full step of faith, but if you all knew me two years ago you’d know the step I have taken is huge.  So I just wanted to thank you all for allowing me to grow at Suncrest and for putting up with me sometimes.  I know I can be blunt and stubborn and a few other things probably.


I love you all


~ by Greg Lee on February 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “So this is why…”

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  2. Thank you so much for your influence in my nephew’s life. I have prayed right along with my sister for years for Mike and I have always believed that he would one day reach this decision for Christ. God’s word says ” My Word does not go out void”, and Michael has heard God’s Word for all his life from everyone of his family. We love Mike so much and have prayed and prayed for him. I am grateful that God used this church and the people on the praise team to finally bring Mike to Him. How marvelous is God’s grace and blessings. I love you Michael Ward and welcome you to my Spiritual Family as well. Love Aunt Debbie Brown

  3. […] by his parents.  One was Mike Ward, who’s journey I’ve written about twice before HERE and HERE.  Another was a couple baptized together after attending for some […]

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