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Hey Suncrest,

This is going to be an odd weekly note…and one that all of us probably need to take a next step on one way or another.

 Multi-site Announcement

Sunday we unveiled it.  This fall, suncrest will experience a fundamental shift to help us better accomplish our mission.  We will become one church in two locations. Most of my conversations this week have focused on the excitement…and also the details of how this will work.  A lot of the details will be shared over the next 2 weeks…even more in informational meetings…and some of them will continue to come together in the next 7 months leading up to a September 28 launch of our “East Campus” in the Merrillville/Hobart Area.  You’ll get a big part of “how” this came about and the “why” for such a direction this Sunday.  The “Frequently Asked Questions” and more are available at and specifically

For anyone who is curious about possibly joining the launch team, we have 3 informational meetings that any are welcome to:

                -Luncheon: Sunday, February 24 after 3rd service

                -Luncheon: Sunday, March 2 after 3rd service

                -Dessert: Tuesday, March 4 at 7:00pm

We do need you to RSVP.  You can do so Sunday or by emailing

Prayer Team…It’s kind of incredible to me that with 7 months until launch and only one announcement about it, we have 178 people committed to praying every week for this launch.  I love that about you, Suncrest.  Our goal is 300, so there is still room for you!  You can sign up here: and you will get an email every week about what to pray for.

  CATALYST: A 21 Day Challenge

It struck me personally even as I was writing this line for my sermon this past week…How many of us BELIEVE that God has a specific plan for our lives but have given precious little time to actually seeking Him out about what that is?  And then, actually let other people’s plans for our lives drive us instead.

So we challenged everyone at Suncrest on Sunday to go on a 21 day journey seeking out what God has next for you.  If you weren’t here or didn’t get the bookmark, we will have some available this Sunday or you can visit for the reading plan and daily reflections from our staff each the passages of scripture (you can even subscribe to get it by email there).  And don’t forget:  Reading and reflecting is one thing, but writing down your reflections is truly powerful.  If you want a simple journal to do this in, we have “THINK Journals” available at cost ($4) in the bookstore this weekend.

The Catalyst series continues this weekend:  Last week we talked about how one indicator of what God wants us to do is found in how he has blessed us.  Those blessings are intended to be recycled to others not simply consumed.  This Sunday we talk about those times in our lives where it is kind of undeniable that God was at work in something – “God Things” – and how those are also indicators of where he is leading you in HIS plan.

 Something Cool

We recently got word of a fluke opportunity we have.  The 40-voice touring Choir from my alma mater (Lincoln Christian College) had a late cancellation on their schedule…so we jumped at it the open date.  It is right around the corner…Tuesday evening, February 26 at 7:00pm so we don’t have much notice, but I think you’ll love it if you can come.  In addition to the choir, their program has a lot of creative elements, drama, etc.  And, Suncrest’s own Jeremiah Montgomery is part of this group.

 Caring about People far From God

Next week you’ll begin to hear A LOT about a focus from now through Easter on reaching out to people we know without a church home or are distant from God.  We have events planned, a specific message series to attract people and more.  One thing we will do is supply everyone in our church with “door hanger” bags you can drop off in your neighborhood or to friends/co-workers.  Our immediate need is some help in assembling 5000 of these bags.  With a big crew, we can do it fast.  Please email if you would be able to help do this next Friday, the 22nd at 10:00am.  It would be a great help!

PS…If you missed the informational meeting about Financial Peace University, you can still get info and sign up this weekend.  This 13 week process will have gatherings on Sunday Mornings during the 11:00 service (childcare provided) and Thursday evenings at 7:00pm (no childcare).  If you felt a need to make a change in your debt situation a few weeks ago, this is the place to land.

~ by Greg Lee on February 15, 2008.

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