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Hey Suncrest,

It’s been a while since I felt a financial series had such a meaningful response.  I just keep hearing about the specific commitments to get out of debt and to trust God by tithing.  Let me talk about those 2 one last time here:

For anyone who is wrestling with debt or money issues, PLEASE check out Financial Peace Universitythat Suncrest will offer this spring.  There will be a 30 minute info meeting after each of the three services this Sunday in Room 125 (near the children’s check in center on the north end of the building).  We have a great core of leaders… some fellow strugglers and some who have overcome this challenge…who are ready to facilitate this.  If you are interested in Financial Peace University, but absolutely can’t make it Sunday, please reply to this email and we’ll get you information sometime in the coming week.

From the stories I’ve had come my way and the questions that have come my way, the message about either trusting God or testing God on Sunday has stirred something.  I answered some of the common practical questions I got on my blog (should I tithe if I’m also trying to get out of debt?  What if husband/wife aren’t on the same page about this?  Do I tithe on gross or net?  Why 90 days for a testing period?).  You can see that in the post below.

I have to share a couple of emails I got after Sunday.  I’ve taken the names out to preserve confidentiality, but I think they reflect just how faithful God is in his promise to bless us when we trust him.

Greg, My husband and I have really enjoyed your “Monopoly” sermon series.  We are fortunately one of the few that were able to write down “zero” for our debt on the monopoly money the first week.  Your first thought might be “GREAT!”  But unfortunately we also aren’t regular tithers either.  When I asked my husband his thoughts on the sermon that first week he said “we need to start tithing again.”  … we should return to God the first 10% and then go from there with the rest of our needs and wants. Just in the first 2 weeks of tithing again God is already blessing us in amazing ways. I got a completely unexpected bonus from work on Monday.  Also we got a phone call asking us if we would like some furniture for our basement for free. I’m not surprised at all that He is blessing us in these ways.  I’ve known and believed what God says in His Word, I’ve just been very selfish. Anyway I know that last sermon wasn’t an easy one to preach.  I hope and pray that people will test God for the next 90 days.  It will change their lives. 

Greg, Great three weeks of the “money” series.   Loved your humor and your wisdom…………….Last Sunday was also powerful due to the words “test me” and “trust me”. On a personal note, God has greatly blessed my husband and I with our jobs/finances and the prosperity we are experiencing.  We both know it is due to our tithing. The windows of heaven are opening and God has been true to his word.  No stock market or investment company can give you what he has promised us.  We decided last year to raise our tithing to 12% (on our gross), 11% goes to Suncrest and the other 1% we share with other Christian/Jewish programs throughout the world.  And again, the blessings continue for us. (health, jobs, joy, peace, etc, etc.). I am proud to say my children are tithing, and they know the importance of it.  I am proud of their obedience in this. Not many teenagers tithe or understand it. .And for an example; last Christmas, through a relative, not expecting anything, they each received $1,000 in cash.   

I love that last one because though it talks about the financial blessings in one instance it also acknowledges that blessings aren’t purely financial, but come in different forms…health, jobs, joy, peace, etc. 

Make sure if you are testing God to live with your eyes wide open so you recognize his blessings when they come.  One of the songs we sing at Suncrest has powerful lyrics…

Many men drink the rain
And turn and thank the clouds
Many men will hear You speak
They will never turn around

Don’t test him and experience his blessing, but then chalk up his blessing to coincidence or something else.  Thanks for all of you who are giving renewed attention to how your finances and your faith intersect.

This Sunday we start a new series called “Catalyst”.  We have that huge announcement about Suncrest’s future this Sunday…see you there.

~ by Greg Lee on February 13, 2008.

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