21 Day Challenge


We started  series on Sunday called “Catalyst” and I’m already hearing stories of how people are taking the 21 day challenge to read a passage of scripture and simply ask “What is God saying to me through this?” 

One lady wrote about how she just reflected the first two days, but started journaling on the 3rd day…On the third day, when I wrote down my thoughts I found my self writing, and then writing some more, and before I knew it I was writing numerous pages of what I felt God was saying to me.  It is unbelievable what a few verses of scripture can say to us when we take the time to listen.”

In the big picture, we hope this 21 day will be a CATALYST to help us hear from God and prompt us all to see what he has next in His plan for our lives.

From there, we are confident God wants to use each of us as a CATALYST in someone else’s life. There will be plenty of chances for that around here in the next month and with the launch of our new campus this fall.

You can follow a staff member scripture reflection each day by clicking here:  www.suncrestchristian.blogspot.com

~ by Greg Lee on February 13, 2008.

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