Suncrest Note


Hey Suncrest, 

I miss a few things about being a kid and snow days are at the top of the list!  I’m going to have some time tomorrow to play with Jack and Abby in the snow…should be a blast.  I do hope the snow stops soon enough that we can still have our community group over tonight.  We’re having a little party tonight which should be a blast.  I love community groups! 

I have to give you a few quick updates from around here that are pretty eclectic: 

Our winter “Life Building” course is almost done.  We’ve had almost 20 elementary-aged kids learning about faith, what it means to follow Jesus, and baptism.  I am hearing some cool stories about these kids. 

“Excellence 2008” is coming.  Our children’s ministry staff (Scott Coons, Sue Hertzfeldt and Julie Coons) has been making incredible progress over the last few months in shaping the next phase of children’s ministry.  If you already volunteer there or would be interested, you have to be there at this event.  It is offered twice (Thursday, February 7 & Saturday, February 9), but the sessions are identical, so pick the one that fits your schedule best. 

-We are having baptisms in our services on February 10.  If you have any interest in being baptized or questions about it, contact 

The Monopoly Series has prompted many, many, many conversations about a next step in practical money management/debt reduction.  Suncrest is going to offer some practical help with this and it starts with a no-strings-attached informational meeting following each of our 3 services next Sunday, February 10.  Make the decision to be there right now. 

This Sunday we wrap up our Monopoly series.  I know this Sunday’s message is powerful.  In my own life it has shaped me spiritually and resulted in God blessing me and my family in a variety of ways.  I know you and your family can experience the same blessings. 

PS…In 9 days we’ll be making the biggest announcement Suncrest has had since the church launched over 13 years ago.  Don’t miss Sunday the 10th.

~ by Greg Lee on February 2, 2008.

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