Suncrest Note


Hey Suncrest, 

I’m not quite sure how to describe what happened on Sunday.  The combination of Cece’s story, watching our “Egypts” dissolve, and encountering Jesus in communion created some powerful moments in people’s lives.  Lots of people took significant steps forward.  I got to pray with a lot of them.  No doubt, some were being prompted to take a significant step forward and couldn’t quite muster the strength.  I pray you will soon.

I’ve had many, many, many questions about our Celebrate Recovery program which kicks off this Monday night at 7:00pm.  Here are the big ones: 

·         Who is the program for?  Anyone struggling to get past their “Egypt”.  Anyone who feels like they battle a past hurt, unhealthy habit or something else that hangs you up in this life.  We heard a lot of comments after Cece’s story because her challenges have been with anger and forgiveness, not alcohol or drugs or something people might think of stereotypically in recovery programs.   This might be the most powerful part of CR. 

·         Who should come on Monday at 7:00pm?  At the CR kick-off there will be many people there with different perspectives.  You should come if you think CR might be for you, but on this first night you could come to get information for a family member or friend.  You could come to support a family member or friend who is checking it out.  You could come just to be inspired by the stories that will be shared of how God is helping people overcome whatever entangles them.  

·         How does confidentiality work in Celebrate Recovery?  It is of the highest value.  On the kick-off night, there will be so many people there for various reasons that people should be able to come without hesitation.  After the first night, the group is open only to others who are getting help.  You would find a supportive and absolutely confidential environment.  We know this is so important to the CR program that we actually close the church building to all other meetings/groups on Monday night so that the people coming in for CR can be confident they will be the only ones there.  

If it has even crossed your mind that CR could be helpful to you, I’d plead with you to come Monday night at least to explore it.  If you have a family member or loved one that you think could benefit, come check it out for them also.

 I love it that our church does this!  The results we see are nothing short of Changed Lives – the perfect fulfillment of our mission. 

Make sure you come on Sunday as we kick off a new series – “Monopoly”.  We have an interesting element that will happen at the beginning of the service, so please be there on time!

~ by Greg Lee on January 19, 2008.

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