You have not because you ask not.


I love trying to figure out how to overcome a challenge.  Two weeks ago it looked like the plan I have with a friend to visit a different Big 10 basketball arena each year was going to come to an end.  We had Minnesota and Penn State left and couldn’t figure out how to get there and back with the amount of time we could afford to be away from work.

As of today, not only are we going next week, but it’s going to be our best trip ever.  After lining up the pilot who is in our small group, a six seat airplane he has access to, enough guys to fill the plane (need a full plane to split the cost of gas!), I wanted to take a shot at getting seats right behind the Purdue Bench.

Here’s the email I sent to one of Purdue’s Sports info directors…

Hi Elliot, 

You probably get all kinds of requests since your email address is posted on Purdue Sports website.  This is one of those.  First, full disclosure…I’m an Illini fan living in a Purdue world.  Second, this is a shameless request for tickets…not free – we are willing to pay…we would just love incredible seats. 

I’ve lived in NW Indiana for 11 years and for the last 9 I’ve been traveling with my best friend and Purdue grad to watch Purdue play at all of the Big 10 arenas.  9 down, 2 to go…Minnesota and Penn State.  We didn’t think we’d get to go this year because they were too far away.  But, Iast month I learned a guy in my church (I’m a pastor) was a pilot and I got a plan for him to fly 6 of us there and back to Penn State for the game next Wednesday.   

I was imagining that perhaps not many Purdue fans are able to make it to Penn State and wondered about the possibility of getting some great seats for the 6 of us…even anything behind the bench??? Any of these reasons worthy of that? 

-Every one of these guys except me is a Purdue grad and fan. 

-With the 3 freshmen you have from NW Indiana, all of us (even me) are super excited about the team. 

-Our church has over 1000 people and is split between Purdue and IU.  I can give Purdue a big plug in my sermon this week.  I’m serious.

-Our church supports Purdue Campus House.

-Our church hosted the Purdue Bells last April as a girl from our church was a Senior in the group.

-One of my staff members is a cousin to Scott Martin (her name is Denise Tribble).

-I actually hope my 2 kids will go to Purdue.  I would switch my allegiance from Illinois then…or I could do it now if you guys can come through for me.  (This seems like it would be a great year to switch away from Illinois anyway J.) 

So how about it?  Any chance you could help?  I genuinely would appreciate it.



And here was the response I got today…



Thanks for your e-mail. Not sure we can help an Illinois fan, but we’ll take a chance. I think I an get you six tickets to Penn State. 



I love it!  And I’m serious about becoming a Purdue Fan.

~ by Greg Lee on January 18, 2008.

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