Suncrest Note


January 10, 2008

 Hey Suncrest, Didn’t our college worship team do great on Sunday? 

I love it that they come back to play for us over break each year.   And, it seems from my conversations, that the interview with Kevin and Patti Richardson connected with people in real-life ways.  There is no doubt a little risk in doing such a sensitive interview, but the value of authenticity is so powerful and such a big deal to Suncrest.  I’m thankful to serve a church that is willing to take such a risk and watch it be a difference maker for people. 

If you aren’t currently serving anywhere at Suncrest, email David Vineyard right now –   I’m serious.  He is the staff leader of our “Contribute by serving” value and he is leading a two week “Discovery Seminar” beginning this Sunday where you can uncover the places to serve around here that line up with your gifts and experiences.  The seminar will run during the 9:30 worship service in one of our classrooms.  David does an awesome job at helping people find their best fit around here. 

I wish I could share every story I get around here of how God is using you to change lives.  One of our Community Groups came together to help a family in need over the holidays and I got this email passed on to me.  You’ll see the young lady who is writing the email has herself just found Christ through a friend and through our church.  I love it! 

Hey everyone…I want to take this time to thank everyone for their gifts and time. This couldn’t have been so successful without the help of so many people. Lisa and I dropped everything off to the family at 9:30AM on Friday. Mom was almost in tears, and kept saying “Thank you, Thank you”. I know we have made this a memorable Christmas for them and they won’t soon forget the kindness of strangers. Being a new Christian, I have to say I didn’t know what to expect. I come from a “world” that when you ask people to donate or participate they are quick to shoot you down. So, to get such an overwhelming response only affirms how we are being used by God to help others. This experience has brought me closer to our Savior and has helped me shed light on new parts of my faith. Thank you so much for everything!!!


We finish the “Hooked” series this Sunday.  We’ll follow the story of Exodus out of the desert and into the Promised Land.  It’s about finding wholeness as we let go of the hurts, habits, hang-ups of our lives.  See you then. 

PS – Don’t forget to email David if you want to find where God can use you around here.

~ by Greg Lee on January 17, 2008.

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