5 reasons this was a hard week


1.  Jenny, Jack and Abby were gone.  I love them.  Probably like everyone else, I love a day of alone time.  By day 2, it got real old and we are working on day 6 now.

2.  A new year makes me itch to get things moving again…and I felt like I moved too slowly on some things at Suncrest in 2007.

3.  I spent all day on January 1 alone at home sanding drywall after it had been mudded/taped.  Sanding was OK.  Prep and clean up was the worst.

4.  This afternoon, I stood over a man’s bedside as he died.  It was unexpected.  I got the call to come to the hospital after 1:00 and he was gone by 2:30.  I’ll never have the right words to say to a grieving family in that situation.

5.  I had dreams of how much I would get done with Jenny and the kids out of town.  At the end of the week, there is a lot left on the list.

~ by Greg Lee on January 5, 2008.

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