5 reasons this was a great week


1.  My neighbor came over in the snow New Year’s day to borrow my extension ladder.  His satellite dish was packed with snow on top of his house and he was without football!  I love it that we have a real friendship with the neighbors.

2.  I watched the movie with Christmas Vacation with Rick Barker, Tim Barbee, and Ben McHugh…among a few others.  It’s a Christmas break tradition for these guys who I once had in Student ministry.

3.  We had our small group Thursday night.  I love our group.  We talked a lot about Suncrest’s move to becoming multi-site and their input was very helpful.  The guys in the group are also formulating a plan to fly to the Purdue/Penn State game at Penn State with the pilot in our group.  Should be fun!

4.  The presidential race started and I’m a political junky.  Not sure who I want to vote for yet so that makes it extra exciting.

5.  Our elders and staff had great conversations starting out the new year about renewing our commitment to doing all things with excellence at Suncrest.  This is huge…and frankly an area that could use some increased attention.

~ by Greg Lee on January 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “5 reasons this was a great week”

  1. I’m excited to hear back from you and Gordon about the Purdue/Penn St. game.

    big wiggs flying in a jet 😉

    how many big 10 schools will this be now?


  2. this will make 10 of the schools…of course there is actually 11. University of Minnesota is in our sights for next year.

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