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I hope your Christmas experience has been rich this year.  The tradition at our house is to open presents on the morning of Christmas Eve…it was a terrific experience with the kids.  On Christmas Day we were with Jenny’s family and then mine on the 26th.  On top of that, I got to spend 4 Christmas Eve services with 1500 of you.  That was a real highlight. 

Get this:  Our Benevolence Offering on Christmas Eve was absolutely incredible!  I’m sure we have never had a benevolence offering approach $20,000 in past years.  This year…over $28,000 given generously to meet real needs of people.  It’s a great thing as we met a large number of needs at the end of the year to get close to the end of last year’s fund.  This keeps us in a pro-active mode helping people with health issues, single moms, the elderly, and other people who have life throw them for unexpected twists in our church and in our community.   

I love your heart on this stuff, Suncrest.  The Bible says “You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things” and our Benevolence Ministry is a perfect picture of that! 

We started a new series today that should be perfect as we kick off a new year called “Hooked”.  It’s about overcoming the things in our life that hold us back from the life God has designed for us.  

PS – Pray for our mission team heading to do re-building in New Orleans this week.  This is Suncrest’s 9th trip…the work has continued even as it now exists without any publicity.  This one is becoming more personal for me as my wife Jenny is going on this trip.  Can’t wait to hear of the difference she makes and how it will shape her.

~ by Greg Lee on December 31, 2007.

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