Suncrest Note


I just got back from Schoops and invited two waitresses there to our Christmas Eve Services.  I’m praying they will come.  We delivered cookies to some friends in our neighborhood with an invite to our Christmas Eve Services.  I’m praying they will come

I’m praying for the people you have invited…people who might be far from God, but willing to come to a church on Christmas Eve.  Here’s why…

I’ve seen it happen.  There is something magical about Christmas and the story of baby Jesus.  There is something compelling, undeniable, even indescribable that softens many hearts and opens many souls to the supernatural in a season like this.  And, that makes it the perfect opportunity to invite people to encounter Jesus.  I hope you’ll join me in that – it is our common mission – to be used by God to change lives.

As a final reminder, our service times are unique this weekend… Sunday, December 23



Monday, December 24



Pick one and bring as many people as possible. 

Merry Christmas!

~ by Greg Lee on December 21, 2007.

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