Suncrest Note


I’ve had so many follow-up conversations on the message about criticism.  It’s good stuff when we really start to analyze where we are in those quadrants – High or Low Truth?  High or Low Love?

I’m typing this from just outside Louisville, Kentucky where I just finished a retreat with Bob Russell and 8 other pastors.  It was so good and so filled with opportunities that I talked about a lot of the life/leadership lessons below.  The week included visits with the CEO of Louisville Slugger and the President of Kentucky Fried Chicken – just too much to even start going into it here.

Jenny and I have started talking about what kind of gift we will make to the Special Benevolence offering this year at our Christmas Eve Services.  Last year I challenged everyone to make a gift that is at least equal to the regular weekly offering (and not one to Benevolence instead of regular offering). 

I know for us, this notion of giving to people in need has had the bar raised when we look at how much we are spending at Christmas on people we love, but already have all they need.  We are talking about the possibility of giving as much to the benevolence offering as the total we are spending on Christmas gifts for everyone else.  That would be in line with the true spirit of the season, wouldn’t it?  We’re still talking and it might take us a year or two to realistically get to that point, but we are definitely going to step it up again this year.  I hope you will to.

The most inspiring thing I heard this week at Suncrest is that our church planters and missionaries started receiving the Christmas cards you wrote to them over the last month.  Do you know we sent over 1300 cards to all of them?  Nancy Whitcomb, Lynn Schweitzer and Susie Smith  from our missions team did a great job pulling this together!  We got this response from our church planters in Portugal this week…

 “We are truly moved on a regular basis by all the prayerful support we continue to receive from Suncrest. Just yesterday, no less than 94 Christmas cards arrived. Wow! We have decided to read 3-4 every day all through the rest of December. Please do thank the mission team and everyone who participated in one way or another in such a meaningful effort.” 

I love you Suncrest.  You are used by God to change lives every day here and around the world.

PS…We start a Christmas series this weekend called “Indescribable”.  It should be…well, I can’t even really describe it!  J  Make sure you are here.

~ by Greg Lee on December 18, 2007.

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