Self-awareness as a leader

Our sessions with Bob Russell were excellent today and we processed our DISC profiles together with a person who does these assessments professionally.  I’ve done the DISC probably a dozen times, but it always teaches me something new about myself…and I see how my natural style has adapted to the leadership environments I find myself in. (For those curious/familiar with DISC, it seems I’ve adapted from a natural D/I to a D/C — I can see that, but not sure I like it.)

My best take-away today was that I can really coach people closest to me on how to communicate best with me.  It will be better for all of us in the end.  No doubt, I have a responsibility to try to listen well in any circumstance, but especially in leadership conversations, here’s the bullet points that were identified for how to communicate best with me:

-Be clear, specific, brief and to the point.
-Present the facts logically; plan your presentation efficiently.
-Read my body language–look for impatience or disapproval.
-Put projects in writing, with deadlines.
-Motivate and persuade by referring to objectives and results.

-Forget or lose things, be disorganized or messy, confuse or distract my mind from business.
-Ramble on, or waste my time.
-Let me change the topic until you are finished.
-Use paternalistic approach.
-Ask rhetorical questions, or useless ones.
-Try to convince by “personal” means.

I think this stuff is gold.

~ by Greg Lee on December 12, 2007.

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  1. You have used the above graphic without permission.

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