Leadership and Louisville Slugger


This afternoon, we got a real treat.  We toured the headquarters and factory of Louisville Slugger (pictured above).  It ended up with a session in their board room with CEO Jack Hillerich.  (He even signed a bat I was given with my name engraved). 

The humility of this guy was striking to me.  Also, he talked extensively about their culture as a corporation, the importance of interacting with to your customers or potential customers (swim with the fish), instead of assuming you have all the answers by sitting within the 4 walls of your office. 

Great stuff.  I think there is value in that stuff for pastors in that we need to really — really — listen into people’s lives.  This is true of people in the church, but I think it’s even more important for us to do it with people outside the church.  If we really “care about people far from God”, we better be in touch with the real itches we can scratch.

~ by Greg Lee on December 12, 2007.

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