Suncrest Note


There are two kinds of people in the world…those who love snow and those who hate it.  I love it.  When I got home yesterday evening, I got to spend 90 minutes outside with Jack and some kids from next door.  Right now, the Lee front yard has the best snow mountain on the block with a cool tunnel through it!  Ask me in March and I’ll probably be sick of it, but for this season, I love it.

Wasn’t it great to have parent/baby dedications Sunday?  I’m always struck by how much responsibility we have as a church to help parents shape the next generation…and how God keeps bringing more and more and more our way.

We are anticipating a great crowd for our “Sounds of Christmas” concert this Sunday night.  We have already had 50+ kids sign up for the correlating “Happy Birthday Jesus” party. It’s the perfect time to invite a friend who you want to introduce to the church, but might be hesitant to come on Sunday morning.  The kids party and concert begin at 6:00pm.  Please email to sign up your child. 

Thanks for your prayers last week.  I’m feeling so much better.  I had to go to Boston Sunday night through Tuesday for another meeting and despite long flight delays both direction and very little sleep, I’m actually feeling as good as I have in weeks.  I’ll put some info on my blog soon about the happenings of this trip, but the bottom line is that Suncrest has been very fortunate to link up with a network of like-minded churches around the country and the synergy from collaborating on ideas and sharing resources has been incredible.

This Sunday I’ll wrap up our Zip It series with some wisdom about criticism.  I think it’s the best topic of the series!

PS…I didn’t know a little facial hair could generate so much conversation!  Good thing I was preaching on gossip!  Looks like the goatee is going to stay for a little while.  If you don’t like it, that’s no big deal – you are in good company.  My mom doesn’t like it either.

~ by Greg Lee on December 9, 2007.

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  1. I like the beard, Greg! :+)

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