Back in Boston



On Sundays when I preach, I walk out of the house at 5:45am to go over my sermon before services.  That’s made Sunday a long day. 

After preaching three services, Jenny and I hopped in the car, met up with family and got to All-State Arena for the 3:00 concert of the Trans Siberian Orchestra (not exactly what I was expecting, but incredible nonetheless).  The concert lasted until 6:00 and fighting through the traffic I was rushing to catch my 7:30 flight.  All for naught…I sat at O’Hare with a delay that lasted until 9:30 and got to the airport in Boston at about 1:00am and tot he hotel after 1:30.

It was all worth it to get here.  Monday we had meetings all day in Boston as lead pastors of churches in the NewThing network – .  This emerging network is made of young and innovative churches that are serious about reproducing everything from artists and leaders at our churches to reproducing our own churches in multiple campuses and by launching new churches.

It was all good, but maybe the best part was listening to Todd Wilson from Passion for Planting about the power of networks and Dave Ferguson from Community Christian Church talk about NewThing’s dream of reaching 1 billion – yes with a B – people with the grace and love of Jesus.


I’m on the plane home now, but delayed again.  Glad I’m not flying anywhere again the rest of the year!

~ by Greg Lee on December 5, 2007.

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