Suncrest Note


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Our family hit the road for a 5 day loop around the Midwest – Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa were all included.  The kids loved seeing grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Added to my list of things I’m thankful for…the invention of the portable DVD player for long rides in the car! 

Christmas is less than 4 weeks away!  We started on our Christmas tree last night and we will have family in town to go hear the Trans-Siberian Orchestra do a Christmas concert at All State Arena after church on Sunday.  I’ve heard it is an incredible experience.  Our decorating team has done a great job giving our building its Christmas look…you’ll love it when you see it Sunday!   

All those things make it feel like Christmas, but you might remember that every year at our Christmas Eve services we try to embody the spirit of the season by helping those in difficult situations.  We receive an offering to fund our Benevolence efforts in the coming year.  That money always helps people like single moms in desperate situations, elderly couples that need help with a utility bill, people displaced or in need of assistance after a natural disaster.  We help legitimate needs both in our church family and in the community.  Start preparing now so you can be as generous as possible this year! 

Jared kicked off our new message series called “Zip It” on Sunday with some great wisdom about complaining.  Jared got an email the next day that I thought could have been true for a lot of us… Good job on Sunday, that was cool to hear you speak, don’t get that very often. I am finding since I’m not supposed to be complaining, I have nothing to say to my coworkers!  Apparently all I ever did with them before was complain (and they reciprocate).  I did not realize that!  Earlier I typed a message to someone saying I was cold.  Then I took the message back and said ok since I’m cold I’ll put on the sweater hanging beside me instead of complain about being cold!  This is hard!   

Can you relate?  This weekend I’ll teach on another powerful and negative thing many people struggle with…Gossip.  And we’ll take a look at how to turn the negative into an incredible positive. 

Pray for me…I came down with something on Thanksgiving Day that I still haven’t been able to beat.  I want to be at my best Sunday as I think we’ll have many people visiting on Sunday for our Baby Dedications…some who are far from God and will only come to church on an occasion like this.  While you are at it, pray for them too!

~ by Greg Lee on December 1, 2007.

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