Reunion x 2


I had a reunion at REUNION today.  I’m here in Boston spending time with our church plant – REUNION Christian Church.  They had an absolutely incredible service today with their highest attendance ever — about 250.  This, in spite of having to adjust to a smaller conference room at the back bay Hilton and have 2 services (including one at noon) when they usually only have one.  Everything about Reunion is cool, but their music is off the charts.  They are a stone’s throw from the renowned Berklee College of Music and have attracted a number of students from there.

Which leads to my second reunion.  Shortly after I walked in this morning, I learned Pete Koopmans was playing the drums.  Pete’s from Suncrest and going to school out here at Berklee.  Jenny and I were in a community group with his parents a few years ago and we became great friends (Brian and Cindy are actually the Spiritual Mentors for Jack).  Too much to share here, but I got to take Pete to lunch afterwards and catch up.  He’s got a solid faith, an awesome girlfriend, some emerging opportunities with a band, and has found Reunion to be a place to call home.  I love it.

~ by Greg Lee on November 19, 2007.

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