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Hey Suncrest,


I went to the funeral of Russ Blowers Thursday in Indianapolis with one of our elders, Jerry Allee.  Russ was the senior pastor of East 91stStreet Christian Church (the church that started Suncrest) there and was the mentor for John Wasem (our founding pastor and my mentor).  Russ was 83, had served East 91st for 46 years until 1996 and then spent the next 8 years visiting and caring for his wife who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.  He was a great man and kind of a grandfather in ministry to me.  The funeral was a powerful celebration of the difference one man can make in this world.


If you don’t have a student in High School or Middle School you may not know about one of the most dynamic things happening at Suncrest.  SLW – Student Life Worship – is an every Sunday experience down in “the annex.”  Jared and his team of interns, adult volunteers, and student volunteers expanded this to 2 services in October and last Sunday more than 100 people experienced them – incredible!  I just got an email last week from a mom who brought her daughter for the first time a few weeks ago and the impact is already being felt.  Great job guys!


We announced our Christmas schedule on Sunday and one of them is worth highlighting here.  Our Women’s Ministry is having a Christmas Event called the “The Greatest Gift” on Friday, December 7.  It includes dinner and a great program.  The whole idea is to introduce people to what a true relationship with Jesus looks like.  Ladies,  this is your chance to help your friends, family, and neighbors take a step toward a relationshipwith Jesus.  Since the event is intended to be outward-oriented, the way to sign up is to bring non-Suncrest ladies with you.  To sign up for that or just for more info, contact Debbie Batistados at ????@?????.com or ???-????.  The deadline is right after Thanksgiving, so do it now.


This MixTape has been a fun series, hasn’t it?  At our community group last night we were talking about other songs we could have done.  If you have any thoughts, you can always send them to me or Bobby.  I imagine a similar series will make an appearance next year. 


This weekend we are tackling U2’s “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.  Doug has a post on his blog where he is looking for some of the unanswered questions people have for God.  To see it (and put in your 2 cents worth, click here:



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