In Boston


I have 2 trips to Boston within 2 weeks here.  The Fenway neighborhood is home to both the the Red Sox and an incredible new church there.  Tomorrow I’ll worship at Suncrest’s church plant REUNION Christian Church.  This church is less than one year old and already attracting over 200 people each weekend.  That’s incredible for any church plant.  It’s especially incredible for Boston — which competes for the dubious title of “least churched city in America”.

I agreed to be the team leader of the partnership team that gives advisory leadership for the new church.  That really means “facilitator” because there are other guys in the mix with a lot more insight than me – Jon Ferguson from Community Christian Church in Naperville, Drew Sherman from Highland Meadows Christian Churchin the Dallas area, and John Cassetto from Manchester Christian Church in New Hampshire.  Our meeting on Monday should be full of vision.

Suncrest is giving $50,000 over 5 years to this new church so it’s exciting to see it so healthy….part of our larger vision to be a church planting church.

~ by Greg Lee on November 18, 2007.

One Response to “In Boston”

  1. That’s because the sports are the new religion in Boston. All those folks eat drink and sleep is Red Sox, Celtics, and those undefeated Patriots.

    Glad to hear the church is thriving- look forward to visiting it next time I venture to Beantown.

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