Heaven is now home


Russ Blowers 1924-2007

On one hand, I wish I knew Russ Blowers better.  He was rich in experience, wisdom, and grace.  He was a respected leader and teacher.  There was so much to be learned from this man.  On the other hand, I feel absolutely blessed to have known him at all. 

Russ led East 91st St. Christian Church through some amazing growth as he was their pastor for 45 years.  He was still their senior pastor when E91 launched Suncrest in 1994 and we had the privilege of him preaching for us on a number of occasions.  Russ was my mentor’s mentor.  A grandfather in ministry, if you will.  No doubt a part of what he poured into John Wasem, John poured into me and I’m thankful for any and all of it. 

I remember planning a celebration on the 25th anniversary of John’s ordination.  Russ was the natural person to invite as a very special guest for John and I got to call Russ to invite him.  I have to admit it, there was a little bit of a star-struck feeling even as I was dialing the phone.  The result?  When Russ answered he was gracious, complimentary of “what John had told him” about me and spent all the time I wanted chatting after made the arrangements for the event.  I’ll never forget it.

Thanks for leading with integrity over a lifetime, Russ.

Click for Article about Russ in the Indianapolis Star

~ by Greg Lee on November 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi Greg, the photo in your blog at this location belongs to me.


    Would you ether link it the original at http://www.mswoods.com/indianapolis/Default.htm with the words “Indianapolis Downtown” or remove it from your site. Thanks


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