In Indy


Had another great day at Suncrest today…Lots of energy in the place as we did “Jesus Take the Wheel” in our MixTape Series.  Our musicians and vocalists have impressed me with every one of the songs we’ve done.  Bobby Jackson’s wife Beka did the lead vocal today…would have thought it was Carrie Underwood!

Our family is in Indy tonight.  We count the Ken and Nancy Sanasack’s as great friends in addition to church attenders and a former employer for Jenny.  Nancy had what seems to be successful surgery for ovarian cancer here on Friday and we all wanted to get down to see her…kids included.

We’re staying in town tonight and Jenny is observing an insurance certification class tomorrow down here.  She may have the chance to teach for the largest insurance school in Indiana and she’s checking it out.  I’ll be spending the day with the kids…pool at the hotel, Chuck E Cheese and (hopefully) nice long naps!

~ by Greg Lee on November 12, 2007.

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