Too young for “good old days”

I had a wild thing happen last night. We had our “leader’s edge” gathering for ministry team leaders and group leaders. At the end of the night, I walked through our commons area and ran into Lisa Bossi and Bubba Goodman at the same time. Lisa and Bubba lead in different areas at our church now, but it was a little reunion of sorts because Lisa and Bubba were my first 2 youth leaders when I joined the Suncrest staff over 11 years ago as youth minister. We gave each other a big hug and even started getting nostalgic about the “good old days”. I’m way too young for that!

It’s just cool to see where God has brought our church and our lives since then. There was more evidence of that last night too…over 120 people there for the leader’s gathering. We celebrated record numbers of new volunteer leaders AND volunteer leaders who have reproduced themselves. We had an incredible weekend on Sunday with our highest attendance ever (excluding holidays), we had 16 baptisms, and I got to pray with 6 people after our services who are sorting out how to let God’s grace give them a real fresh start in this life.

Last Saturday our church went out to serve people in need in our communities. You totally missed out if you weren’t able to participate. I know the house I served at was a real blessing to a lady who recently lost her husband. Jenny and the kids took donuts to another house where we were helping a lady in our church. Here’s what she wrote about the people who helped her…

On Saturday I had the blessing of being part of Suncrest’s “Great Day of Service.” Several friends spent a good part of their day doing projects around my house that I couldn’t do or afford to have done. They insulated the crawl space under my bedroom, made my sump pump more efficient, and replaced the porch that had fallen apart two years ago. It was a great day, that’s for sure. I’d like to thank Bert, Daryl, Jason P, Jake and his young friend Dino, Brian, and Heather. Also thanks to Brian, and Jenny, Jack, and Abby for the donuts. It is truly a humbling thing to be on the receiving end of such generosity. I thank God for everyone who served on Saturday at my house and at other sites. I pray for impact in our community. I know you guys have been a blessing to me!

That’s a wonderful expression of our mission, isn’t it? Being Used by God to Change Lives. Great job, Suncrest!

Our Mix Tape series has us tackling Carrie Underwood’s Jesus take the wheel this Sunday. Just trying to show a little love to our country music fans out there!!! See you then.


PS – This is the last Sunday to bring in your shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. We are stacking them on the stage…should be quite a sight!

~ by Greg Lee on November 10, 2007.

One Response to “Too young for “good old days””

  1. oh how i miss the youth group! we had such good times. you were the bestest youth minister ever by the way. 11 years seems like such a long time, rats-now i feel old, thanks.:-)


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