Life is a Highway

microphoneAre you like me…did it take you a while to get the tune of Life is a Highway out of your head?  Maybe it’s because I was in all three services.  Maybe it was because Mitzi put that microphone in front of me to sing in the first service…and then again in the third!!  I’ll get her back somehow.

It was a great Sunday…full of newcomers and strong attendance even on a fall break weekend for some schools, but since I spent last week’s email talking about the cassette tape handout, I missed a chance to reflect on the 4C’s of Puzzled…if you will allow me I’d like to take a personal slant on that…

One of the absolute worst fears a preacher/teacher could ever realize is this: though he has poured his heart and soul into explaining and applying God’s word, the people he is teaching would never change.  Never respond.  Never be compelled to act on what they have heard.  Maybe that’s why I loved this series so much.  There was…week after week…kind of this palpable sense that people are embracing the 4C’s of cultivate, connect, contribute, and care. Here’s what I mean: 

  • We talked about connecting in relationships where truth meets life and had an immediate response of 444 people agreeing to give it a chance in the setting of a small group.
  • The next week, we talked about cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus and I when I talk to Suncrest people the conversation always seemed to go to how the daily reading/reflecting/prayer guide had shaped them in some way.
  • On the third week, we talked about contributing by serving and within hours hundreds and hundreds of people had gone out to serve at a nursing home, or to encourage our missionaries, or work on our grounds.
  • On the final week, we talked about caring about people far from God and the next week our services were full of new faces.

That is definitely cool.  My prayer is that it is sustainable.

I just prayed here in my office that you and I would sustain our personal commitment to growing in these four attributes of a Christ-follower.  Faith isn’t a one-time act…it’s a journey!

I also just prayed that Suncrest would sustain our commitment to these four areas of focus.  If this is what God has called us to…it can’t be a seasonal idea or the latest fad.  At our core we’ll need the discipline to not be distracted by other good things and lose the focus of making these four qualities a growing part of all of our lives here.

I love you guys.  Let’s be as intense about the 4 C’s next year as we are right now.

~ by Greg Lee on November 1, 2007.

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