Mix Tape2


We’ve had quite a few questions on the “invitation” cassette tapes we gave out Sunday!

First, I didn’t explain very well on Sunday that using Cassette Tapes instead of CD’s or something was kind of a retro joke.  Some of the songs we are using in the series are from the Cassette Tape era so we thought it would be fun to call the series “Mix Tape”.  Some of you know exactly what I’m saying when I use that phrase “Mix Tape” – it’s the tape you made of favorite songs (often for your girlfriend) by recording different songs off the radio or other tapes!  I have a reliable source that says some guys like Doug Gamble actually talked on the tape between songs, whispering sweet inspirations to girl who would later become his wife!  Kind of sickening, isn’t it?  Click here for more info on mix tapes. 

Anyway, the other thing I didn’t explain well on Sunday was that we were just trying to be creative on the style of the invitation – using a tape instead of a postcard or business card to put our service times on along with the upcoming topics.  So the main idea wasn’t to listen to something on the tape, but instead to put something in your hands to give to your friend, neighbor, family member, etc.  Most of the tapes that went out Sunday were blank and intended to be used just this way.  As some of you gave me a hard time about Sunday, where would you find a tape player anyway? 

At the same time, some of you may have received a little bonus…a tape with short tracks of the songs and some conversation about the message series.  It’s really informal and one of those things where we thought… “No one will probably actually stick this in a tape player, but if they do, let’s surprise them with something.”  In the implementation of this idea, we learned our old tape duplication equipment is not exactly in working order…so most of the tapes got nothing.  Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Don’t let it keep you from using the tapes or just inviting people this Sunday! 

Who is close to you, but far from God?  I promise you I will do my best in teaching Sunday to help them see the value of taking steps toward God.   Jenny and I went to dinner with our neighbors last night and they said yes to our invitation to church this Sunday.  I’m so excited…and it makes me so want Suncrest to make the very best first impression on Sunday.  Will you do me a favor and be extra-friendly this Sunday?  Greet people warmly who you don’t recognize.  Help people find their way around if they look uncomfortable.  Worship genuinely.

~ by Greg Lee on October 19, 2007.

One Response to “Mix Tape2”

  1. I was the KING of making mix tapes!!! Lara actually saved the cassette tape of the sweet nothings I wispered to her in the summer of 1989! I was mortified when she busted it out one day when we had guests over…

    I love the creativity for the series. We had a “Let’s Go to Panera Bread Today and Allow the Sweet Smell of a Pumpkin Spice Latte Inspire Us for the Next Message Series” discussion today.

    I think it worked.

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