Wrote the following last week for our weekly suncrest update.  Can’t wait until our group meets tonight…


444 of you are experiencing something powerful this week – a Suncrest Community Group!  Mary Beth Stockdale, her Group Leaders and her Coaches (leaders of group leaders) have poured themselves into helping us process what it means to grow as a Christ-follower.  We’ve never seen such an amazing response in people getting into groups.

And after last night, I believe we will see an equally amazing response to what happens in the groups.  Jenny and I hosted ours last night and it was a blast.  We met new people and  I’m outrageously excited…

It’s not just because I have a carpenter and a mechanic in my group, though that could come in handy J

It’s not just because we have a pilot in our group who flies all over the world and told me I could ride along sometime J

It’s because of everyone in our group meeting for the first time, and anticipating what God might do through it. 

It’s because of the potential for new friendships…friendships of substance….and not just with me, but watching people connect with each other.

It’s because we have people who might be in different places on their spiritual journeys, but are all committed to moving forward. 

It’s because we have some awesome women in our group who I saw my wife connecting with last night over dessert. 

It’s because we have two couples who couldn’t make it last night, but will just add to this whole experience next week.

We tackled Connect this past Sunday.  And we have Cultivate this Sunday (awesome stuff about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus).  But I have to give you the heads up on the following Sunday, October 7.  Here’s all you need to know…It is “Contribute by Serving” Sunday and it would be awesome if you block out about 90 minutes after whichever church service you attend!  We’ll let the rest be a surprise.

~ by Greg Lee on October 5, 2007.

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