A lunch and a launch

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I had lunch yesterday with Bob Bouwer.  He’s the lead pastor at Faith Church in Dyer and a really great guy.  Faith is reaching people like crazy with the gospel and I told Bob today they have been successful at something I’ve never seen another church in our region do — reach people on both the Illinois and Indiana sides of the state line.  I know it’s been an invisible wall for us.  We have people who drive 30 minutes from parts of Merrillville, Hobart, Winfield, Hammond, etc, but people that live 10-15 minutes away in Illinois seem to be in a different world.  Bob is a guy I know I can learn a lot from and I look forward to connecting again soon.

Last night, we had our first community group of the season.  We had 23 adults sign up for our group and, sadly, had to redirect some to other groups because our house can’t handle that!  We still have 14 and I loved last night!  Most of the people I’m getting to know for the first time, and there are some cool stories.  I won’t share anything personal here without the permission of the person sharing it, but one thing is always fascinating to me — the variety of people we have at suncrest.  One of the guys in our group played minor league baseball for 2 years and another is a pilot who literally flies all over the world regularly.  He and his wife came to Suncrest at the invitation of someone he taught to fly.  Recently, he has flown troops to Kuwait and Germany and has done some charter flights to Bolivia.  I asked him if I could ride along sometime…and he said yes!  Gotta find a time to do that.

~ by Greg Lee on September 28, 2007.

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