On the ranch…and other Sunday hapenings


On Sunday, we got invited by some great people at Suncrest (Lee and Deb Eades) out to their “sorta ranch” as Lee calls it.  Jack loved riding the horse…but he and I loved riding the 4 wheeler really fast even more.  Abby loved petting the horse, but wasn’t up for riding it yet.  It was a great night!

Earlier in the day, we went to a birthday party for one of our neighbors who is turning 2.  We love the neighborhood we moved into — lots of young kids and over the summer we started to really connect.  Seems like the kids from 2 of the houses are always in our backyard — or kitchen!  I invited one of the neighbors Sunday to our community group that starts Thursday night.  Got a positive, but non-committal reaction.  Hope they will come sometime soon!

~ by Greg Lee on September 27, 2007.

One Response to “On the ranch…and other Sunday hapenings”

  1. The lady leading the horse is HOT! 🙂

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