Old Stomping Grounds


I’m a  proud alum of Lincoln Christian College and Lincoln Christian Seminary.  It’s private college in Lincoln, IL where I spent 4 years in undergrad (class of ’96) and 5 years commuting from Suncrest to get my M.Div. in 2001.  Lincoln has a lot great alumni leading some of the best churches in the country at reaching people far from God– Gene Appel and Mike Breaux at Willow Creek, Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson at Community Christian in Naperville, Jud Wilhite at Central Christian Church in Vegas. 

I’ve been back on campus a couple of times to speak in chapel or at one of their youth events or to help teach a class and I got to go back again Tuesday to  teach on “leadership development” in a Church Planting class.

 I took two of our elders with me and also our Student Life Pastor.  We got to have lunch with most of the 8 students Suncrest has at Lincoln right now studying for ministry (mostly missions, which is awesome!).

 It was a long day, but there aren’t many things more energizing to me than (1) church planting, (2) talking about leadership and (3) dreaming with people about how God might use them.  Got to do that with some of our Suncrest students one-on-one in the afternoon and with the whole class that night.

If you know about Lincoln, but haven’t been there for a while, you have to get back to campus — they have really made some incredible steps forward in facilities.  Proud to be an alum!

~ by Greg Lee on September 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Old Stomping Grounds”

  1. I’m also proud to be an alum of LCC, serving on a volunteer basis with one of the best churches in the country–Suncrest. I love the way LCC has grown through the years. It’s a great school!

  2. I can’t wait to be an alum! (Only a few more months).


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