Play it forward


September 14, 2007

Hey Suncrest,Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow evening at “Play it Forward.”I’ve referenced the story a number of times, but have never told the whole thing.  Earlier this summer every Community Group was given $100 through missions and benevolence, and was challenged to make a difference in people’s lives.  Below is the initial email where you can hear Fred Ewing’s heart on this idea that is now coming to fruition. 

“Good evening to all. I am writing this because I have something on my mind and heart I want to share. Today I was handed $100.00 as a point leader to go out and make a difference with our team in the community.  After praying about it and while I was driving it hit me like a ton of bricks.  You ask what?  Well, we have been given a great gift from our Holy Father and it’s time to make a difference.  I was thinking of all the times as a kid when I was in choir and all my other friends were either in band or right along beside me.  Many of you have done the same as well because we had the opportunity to do so.  Well there are so many kids out there that may not get the chance because of funding in their schools.  I know your thinking “What can 100 dollars do?”  Well I’m talking about turning $100.00 into possibly $10,000.00 by putting on a concert to raise funds for the Gary school district or any other school who may need help getting instruments or improving their music department.  I don’t know about you guys but I know being in music has made a big impact in my life and I can’t imagine why others could not benefit from it as well.  This is just a suggestion, if you have any others please lets talk about it but is time to give back to what has been blessed upon us.”

This is going to be a great evening at Redar Park in Schererville – the concert starts at 4pm.  I look forward to seeing you there.   


PS – Been so caught up in what’s ahead this Sunday but we shouldn’t forget the worship experience we had this past Sunday.  It was pretty inspiring to me to read all the God encounters you’ve had at different times in your lives.  We’ll share some of those 5 word stories this week in different ways! 

~ by Greg Lee on September 16, 2007.

One Response to “Play it forward”

  1. i have been praying for you lately and your ministry. i love suncrest so much, and i would hate to leave it, and i would hate for anything to happen that would hinder your influence and the will of God. this is something i need to do more often for you, i did it every sunday for a long time but then i stopped for some reason. you have been very instrumental in not only my faith, but so many others, and i pray that you will continue to let God use you in some very unique ways. i love you to pieces!

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