Times are changing…


I’m still celebrating from the baptism response on Sunday.  Yesterday, I got to sit down with one of the people making the decision.  What Jesus is doing in her life is powerful.  A few short weeks ago, she had no church home, but a friend – someone who cared passionately about people far from God – brought her to Suncrest and now her spiritual journey has spiked.  Only God, right? 

We do have an important announcement about Sundays at Suncrest to make today too.  Beginning in three weeks – Sunday, September 9 – we are shifting our service times ½ hour earlier.  The new schedule will be:  




The change has a very specific purpose – to let us reach more people by having more seats (and children’s ministry space!) at times when newcomers are likely to come.  Since going to the three service schedule, our attendance has increased by hundreds, but we keep seeing the 10:00 service grow much faster than the others (some kids were in overflow spaces Sunday).  With the change, we hope those of you who attend the 8:30 service now will stick with the early service (now at 8:00).  And hopefully the other two services will both be great options for people. 

Make sure you come this weekend as we begin a new three week series entitled (tongue in cheek, of course), “How to Make Worship Boring”. Greg

~ by Greg Lee on August 24, 2007.

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