Why Baptism?


If you were at Suncrest on Sunday, you know we tackled the powerful topic of baptism.  After every service, I had people come down front to tell me they were making this spiritual step.  It was one of the best Sunday mornings I’ve had in a long time.


This morning was even better.  After tallying tear-off panels, people who came forward and a few other less formal conversations, we’ve ended up with more than 20 people who made decisions this weekend.  Some are decisions to explore further…and some are just ready to “jump in” so to speak.  (As long as they don’t jump in like the kid on Sunday’s video!).


A side note…those 20+ decisions are from a  diverse group – men and women; some singles and at least one couple taking this step together; elementary aged to retirement age, one was a first time visitor and others have been here a long time. 


A final request…I know a few of the people I was praying for specifically haven’t stepped forward yet.  Maybe you walked away Sunday knowing that something was stirring in your soul, but you haven’t responded yet.  The opportunity, of course, is still wide open.  Give one of us at the church a call or an email…we would love to connect.

P.S. – It may have been less than clear on Sunday, but we are offering a baptism information session/discussion on Sunday, September 9 during the 10:00 service.  If you are interested, email Doug at doug.gamble@suncrest.org

~ by Greg Lee on August 22, 2007.

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