I’m Back

Hey Suncrest, I’m in the first week back from my summer time away and it feels great.   Sunday was great, wasn’t it?  Worship “in the round” was more than just a creative idea to me, it was a powerful experience given the topic of communion.   

You are generous!  I didn’t get this email out last week, but the special offering Sunday for the new church plant in Tampa, Florida 2 weeks ago was almost $7000.  On top of that, we had an additional $10,000 specifically given to new churches this week.  I love the passion we all share for helping new churches launch.  

One of the neat things I’ve done over the past couple weeks in a different rhythm is to connect with other pastors in the area.  The golf course is my preferred place to do that!  So, I played golf with pastors from Bethel Church and Crosspointe Church in Crown Point and from Crossroads Church, Faith Church, and New Hope Church in the tri-town area.  We really have some great churches in the area – and a unique spirit of cooperation! 

From time to time, I know I send you updates about my mentor and our Founding pastor, John Wasem.  I talked to his wife, Leslie, last week and she told me John was babysitting their one year old granddaughter (Naomi) out in Oregon.  Those of us who know him can picture one proud grandpa!  


PS – You’ll want to be at Suncrest this Sunday as I teach on the topic of baptism.  I think it will be insightful for many.  I’ve been praying for some very specific people to take this spiritual step and I hope Sunday is a catalyst for that.

~ by Greg Lee on August 17, 2007.

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