A good day

jack at beachAbby at Beach

Monday was a good day.  Spent much of the day at the beach with the family.  Jack loved feeding the seagulls the crust from his ham and cheese sandwhich.  Abby, just loved playing.  I’m in the last week of this summer sabatical, but got to make sure I keep up with this rythm of family things we’ve done.

Monday was also a day for good news.  Starting new churches is our heartbeat at Suncrest and we gave our attention to that Sunday.  I learned yesterday our special offering was over $6500 to help the new church we are partnering with in Tampa.  Danny Schaffner did a great job speaking!

~ by Greg Lee on August 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “A good day”

  1. One thing I often pray for you guys is that you have plenty of time together. Glad to hear that you’ve had some fun. It’s been perfect beach weather, too!

  2. It looks like you had lots of fun. I pretty much fear the beach. And the ocean. And my son is too young and not all knowing enough to stay away from the water so we don’t go yet.

  3. Did you go to school with Danny Schaffner?

    He helped out at the JR high ministry I was involved in last year. He also audited a class a took with Chris Simpson. He’s a good guy.


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