Suncrest Update


Hey Suncrest,

I’m missing you! 

Last time I wrote I was on my way back from a family vacation.  Since then, it’s literally just been more planes, trains, and automobiles.  I got back on Friday the 20th in time to do a wedding rehearsal and some laundry – then went to the airport Saturday after the wedding with 2 Suncrest High School Students to spend 5 days in New England.  I was teaching out there on leadership and church planting to some top-tier high school students from around the country.  I also got to worship at the new church we started in Boston – – a very inspiring experience! 

I landed back at O’Hare last Thursday night and in the next 72 hours, I managed to get out of town with just Jenny for one night, go to a wedding reception, a graduation party, to the beach with our kids, and worship at Suncrest in both Student Life worship at 10:00 and with the adults at the 11:30 service. 

In that time frame I also had a very enlightening experience.  In the 11:30 service Sunday, we had some “secret shoppers” at Suncrest.  This was a group of 7 people who currently don’t go to church who agreed to come and give us their feedback (as long as I was buying lunch!).  This was the first time I’ve done this, but it won’t be the last because their feedback to me was so beneficial:

·         It was encouraging – we blew away their expectations with the music and the warmth/friendliness factor.

·         It was insightful – they told me about things they didn’t understand, why they did or didn’t do things like fill out the tear-off panel, visit the welcome center, go to the bookstore, etc.

·         It was challenging – They had some great constructive criticism of some elements they experienced.

·         It was confusing – Really, it was a reminder that different people have different preferences – what some people really liked, others didn’t and vice-versa.  Suncrest has never been a place that has tried to “please everyone”, understanding that is impossible so this was a good reminder.

·         It was convicting – I might write more about this sometime, but more than anything the conversation at lunch convicted me…again…and more than ever…that our sensitivity to unchurched people needs to stay at zenith levels.  The stakes are high – no less than people’s eternity hangs in the balance!! 

I can’t wait for this Sunday.  The Sunday we emphasize our commitment to being a church that starts other churches is a highlight of the summer.  This year we have one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve ever heard coming…you won’t want to miss it!  The new church he is starting is in Tampa, Florida. 

And even more important…we will receive a special offering to give this new church a much needed-boost as they launch.  Please come prepared to give generously in addition to your regular offerings. 

See you Sunday. 


~ by Greg Lee on August 8, 2007.

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