Suncrest Weekly Update


Who is your enemy?  It may look slightly different today than when Jesus taught his followers to love their enemies“, but I think this weekend’s message will have something for everyone.  As I’ve worked not just on the sermon, but on thinking through how I need to personally embrace the message there has been more than once that I thought I wish Jesus had not said that!” 

Thanks for praying for our staff as I asked last week.  We are on the mend, but still with a ways to go.  Bobby and Beka Jackson are on the road today moving their stuff from Ohio and moving into their Cedar Lake home tomorrow.  So, say a quick prayer right now for them.  If you’ve ever had to deal with a huge move, new job, temporary housing, and being apart from family for extended times, you understand the Jackson’s life!  Bobby’s done an incredible job in the midst of it for us and getting the family settled in here will be a huge blessing. 

Last weekend, two Suncrest teams returned from trips to help one of our new churches in Salem, New Hampshire and continue helping to re-build New Orleans.  Here’s what one them on the trip to New Orleans wrote about the experience… 

Thirteen Suncrest members just returned from a week in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, where we hung drywall, painted, and roofed a house. This is in the New Orleans area and was very badly hit by Hurricane Katrina. We saw lots of homes that had been destroyed, and met several people who have been living in small FEMA trailers for almost two years waiting for their houses to be rebuilt. Some homes have been completely gutted, some have been abandoned. Other homes are in every stage of demolition or reconstruction.  Every single home and business in the parish (county) was damaged.

We heard stories of people left homeless on the highway for days after evacuation. We saw homes with huge piles of trash in front–all of their personal belongings. We also saw the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, and the hand of God at work. Please take a moment to thank God for all you have, all He has blessed you with, and also to pray for the victims of Katrina. Some are suffering from depression, as you would expect. Some are still paying on mortgages for homes that no longer exist. Marriages are under stress. The aftereffects go on and on. Also pray for the pastors and churches in the area, that they might show God’s love and be a light in a dark place. 

·          Labor of Love for Louisiana (Suncrest trip January 2007) 

·          St. Bernard Parish-one year after the flood 

·          Ruins of the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans  See you Sunday

~ by Greg Lee on July 7, 2007.

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