Weekly Suncrest Update

Are any of you like me — sitting near the end of your week thinking “I had hopes of getting so much more done this week!”. But, interruptions are part of the rhythm of life. And this week has been a challenging one for our staff…

We had 5 staff members out this week either due to some serious illness or because they are serving on Mission Trips. Please especially pray for our beloved Children’s Ministry Director, Sue Hertzfeldt. She is fighting an extremely sensitive situation with one of her eyes right now and has had multiple doctor visits and is on a very strict regimen with eye-drops etc. Also, please pray for Martha Farrellbegg (one of our receptionists) as she is in the hospital after surgery earlier this week. I hope to see both Martha and Sue later today and will pass on that we are all praying for them. Mary Beth Stockdale, Denise Tribble and Laurie Olson have been serving on Suncrest mission trips to New England and New Orleans. And special thanks to Clara Clark for picking up lots of hours and big load in our office during an unusual week!

A new series starts this Sunday that Doug and I are really excited about. I’ll kick it off Sunday as we tackle “Things I Wish Jesus Never Said”. Alongside the comforting, encouraging and insightful words Jesus left us, he also left some very challenging statements. Get to church on time so you don’t miss a fun clip at the beginning of the service from the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. I know we have few Will Farrell fans out there.

The paving of the 2nd entrance is complete, with striping yet to come as the finishing touch. Thank you for your generosity toward this project!! I think it will still be closed this Sunday, but potentially open next weekend. Landscaping and sign will come soon.

~ by Greg Lee on June 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Weekly Suncrest Update”

  1. Got word today that the entrance can be used! Sounds weird but I’m excited since I come from that direction. I’m all about taking seconds off of my commute time. 🙂

  2. hey we were talking about how to subscribe to your blog. well i believe you go up to the spot where it says blog info and it will have a pull down menu and you can click on subscribe to blog. i am not sure how that works, maybe through email or something but it is worth a shot.
    by the way i got one too. just fyi. i am always looking for more ways to vent!
    love you, rachel

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