Suncrest Black 14 – Suncrest Red 5


Last night was a big softball showdown.  This year we expanded to two teams and no longer play in a church league, but in a Rec League instead.  Imagine our surprise that the 2 suncrest teams are at the top of the standings.   Last night, with both teams entering the game undefeated, the two Suncrest teams battled it out and Black came out on top. 

As you might guess (since I’m giving it this level of attention), I’m on the black team.  Coach Kevin McHugh has us playing together and pitcher Don Book was player of the game last night.  Our team has a few new guys, but most of us have played together for a number of years.

The Red team is the newer (read “Younger”) team.  The best part about beating them is that our Student Life Pastor Jared Mehrle loves to talk smack and is on that team.  Now he doesn’t have anything to talk about!

~ by Greg Lee on June 23, 2007.

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