Weekly Suncrest Update

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Tonight is the start of “Simplexity” our Summer Study of 1 Corinthians — should be a great chance to dig in to a very interesting book of the Bible. Be here at 7:00pm — childcare provided!!

This weekend two of our summer mission trips take off that our Missions Team has coordinated. We have one of our largest groups ever going for our 6th trip to relief work in New Orleans. Also, we have a team traveling to help one of the new churches we started in Salem, New Hampshire do an awesome summer camp called “Camp Create.” Part of God’s plan for your life is that you contribute by serving…Pray for those that are serving in this unique way.

This Sunday we complete the “Pause” series.  Should be another introspective time to see how temptation plays with your future. We will watch a clip from an interesting interview that was done with serial killer Ted Bundy hours before his execution. It isn’t graphic, but it is revealing about how temptation spiraled in his life. We’re mixing up the service order a little bit too and think it will help create a powerful worship time.

The following Sunday we begin a new series that Doug and I are really excited about called “Things I Wish Jesus Never Said”. While I’ve never read words that were more encouraging or comforting than the ones Jesus used, he also spoke some challenging truth at times…Some of that tough advice we all need to hear. And….Bobby Jackson will lead us in worship this Sunday! It’s been great having him in the office this week. We’re going to enjoy having Bobby lead our worship ministry for a long time. Be there Sunday to welcome him and his family!

~ by Greg Lee on June 21, 2007.

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