Weekly Suncrest Update


Just a brief note this week…I feel like I’ve already written a lot to you, but it was in a church-wide letter you’ll get next week in your real mailboxes.  There’s some great info in there that brings us up to date on finances, projects around here, etc.  From my office, I have the perfect view of the second entrance being constructed on our campus…gravel is going down right now!  Get the full update in that letter, including some neat news about our neighbors donating some land to us. 

Sunday’s beginning to the “Pause” message series was challenging wasn’t it?  It was to me.  I know I’ve had a lot of feedback including some very delicate and some very powerful struggles with temptation.  I got an email last night that I’ll share in part, preserving his/her anonymity… 

“…You see, I am a ‘minimizer’.  If I can think up some of the, what I call, “really huge sins” that people commit, it can make some of my sins seem much smaller.  It’s really a great tool and I use it quite often.  After the sermon on Sunday, with much meditation and self examination,  I came to the conclusion that the sin which I chose to focus on during this series and with God’s help remove from my life, that I have always considered not so huge,  is very, very huge.  And the reason that I finally came to confess that it is so huge is because it owns so much of me.  I know it’s going to take time, and much prayer and trust in God to believe that it can be removed from my life, but I am going to put my faith to great testing and truly believe that with God all things are possible.” 

This Sunday we will have a candid interview within the message about the obvious and not-so obvious effects that come from our falls to temptation. 

On a more upbeat note, it’s both Father’s Day and a Baby Dedication Sunday with about 2 dozen babies dedicated over our three services.  Benjamin Gamble, Gibson Mehrle, and our own daughter, Abby, will be among them (our staff is just trying to do our part to help this church grow!).  Sunday is also Abby’s first birthday, so we have plenty to celebrate…and a lot of family in town! 

See you Sunday…

~ by Greg Lee on June 15, 2007.

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