Praying for a miracle…Part 1

MiraclesLast night I went with our elders to pray for a woman to be healed.  Nancy Sanasack is one of my favorite people in the world.  She is graceful and gracious and generous and grounded.  She has been a true leader in our community for years as the principal at Kolling Elementary School.  In semi-retirement, she and Ken now operate an insurance school and my wife is one of their instructors.  My kids love her.  In the last month, she’s been diagnosed with and entered agressive treatment for ovarian cancer.

As elders, we don’t do go to pray as a group like this often, but we do as it is requested in the most serious of situaitons.  James 5:14-15 talks about the power of this.

It got me thinking about two huge things I’ll post on in the next few days…First,

1.  I sat there with Nancy and had the experience of personally “pastoring” someone at an intensely personal and uncertain time in life.  I love that opportunity and it really stirred some old feelings about why I got into ministry in the first place.  I definitely do a lot less of this now that the church has grown so much.  I think that is both good and bad, which I’ll explain later.

2.  When I prayed for Nancy, I asked God to heal her miraculously.  Some of the other elders did the same.  Some asked God to heal her “if it is His will.”  Others asked God to work through doctors, medicine, etc.  Do you ever pray for miracles?  Do you do it with high expectations or low expectations?  With hesitancy?  I’ll give you my 2 cents on this sometime soon.

~ by Greg Lee on June 13, 2007.

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  1. […] know Nancy meant a lot to me and our family…along with our church and our community.  You can read this post I wrote about her when she was diagnosed with cancer two and half years ago.  Like I told Ken this morning, delaying my trip was the easiest decision I would make all […]

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