The Value of Assessment


I got back into town tonight after being out of town for three days as an assessor at CPAC.  Suncrest has used CPAC a number of times to evaluate candidates as we plant new churches, but this was my first experience in person.  I’ll say I’m thankful I was an assessor and not and assessee!!  The process is challenging (I think I heard “brutal” more than once)…in both preparation and for the 60 hours you are there in person.  But I believe it is truly beneficial for everyone there…it is affirming to your giftedness, eye-openieng to blind-spots, and gives the true gift of critical feeback…that we all need to hear, but rarely do in a supportive way.

Doug Gamble (Associate Pastor) and Jared Mehrle (Student Life Pastor) were there being assessed for some unique ministry opportunities Suncrest may have as explore where God is leading us in the future.   I’ll write more on that sometime.  Both of these guys are top-tier as pastors and the roles they fulfill at Suncrest make a difference in people’s lives everyday.

 I’m thinking about having all new ministry staff hires go through the process becasue it is so comprhensive.  It would be so insightful.  Jon Ferguson from host Community Christian Church has a great description of it’s value on his blog.

~ by Greg Lee on June 8, 2007.

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