Suncrest Update

Most every week, I write a brief email update to the church family.  I’ll post them here when I do them for now.  Probaly before long, I’ll just post them here and let everyone come here to find them.

Our teen band did a great job Sunday, didn’t they? And Jared was right on with his teaching. Our student ministry is stronger than it has ever been at Suncrest thanks to his leadership and some outstanding volunteers! We are starting a new three week message series this Sunday that I’ll be teaching through. We all face temptations (and we all give in to them!). This series has the real potential to help us tackle those struggles. I’ve really resonated with the passage I’m teaching from this week and I think you will too.


6/10 – Resisting the Urge

6/17 – A Victimless Crime?

6/24 – An Honest Assessment

Can I brag on all of you for a moment? I tell everyone I meet how cool it is to serve a church like Suncrest. My favorite parts…Great people…Big Vision…Willingness to try new things…and (best of all) it’s a church that really cares about people far from God. So I came across this report some time ago and thought it would be worth sharing with you. It’s not really good news for churches in general.

Only 22 of the 43,000 (about 0.005%) churches studied (southern baptist in this case):

  • Baptized at least 26 people per year for 10 consecutive years
  • Experienced overall worship attendance growth during the same 10 years
  • Had a membership to baptism ratio of no more than 20 to 1.

On the positive side, Suncrest, you meet that criteria…and put yourself in pretty elite company! It’s an awesome reflection of our staff, ministry and group leaders and everyone who serves to make suncrest what it is! If you are interested in more on the study, you can click here.

~ by Greg Lee on June 8, 2007.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Dave

  2. congrats on starting a blog!

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