In pictures: The power of new churches

EVERYONE knows I think churches need to live beyond themselves to help start other new churches.  That’s where real impact is.  Here’s a few pictures of how I saw that playing out just this week.

Story Church in Georgia – I preached there Sunday and also gave (church planter/former Suncrest staff) the check from our $10,000+ special offering for their new facility.  What a great experience.


LifePointe Church in North Carolina – I’ve been a fan of this church since they launched, went multi-site and more as part of our “NewThing Network” of churches.  A couple years ago, a Suncrest family moved to the area and they quickly connected and started serving.  I love it.  Here’s a picture Suncrest founding pastor John Wasem took of the McAgy family on Sunday as LifePointe moved into a new facility.


Bible Faith Church – Sinje, Liberia.  I got this picture today of the new church Suncrest started there.  Suncrest is providing resources (our gift of $4500 was enough to build much of this building), but I’m more excited about the people, stories, and especially partnerships that we are linking this new church to so they aren’t dependent on us forever.  We linked the leaders there with Samaritan’s Purse for some building materials and leadership development.  Earlier this year we helped them partner with organizations that brought 2  safe-water drink wells to them — one on the church property and one in the community.


The Table Community Church – Walkerton, IN — Stop and pray for this new church (formerly a Suncrest campus) as it goes public with it’s launch next week.  Rod Reutter (one of our elders) is leading a meeting tonight with their pastor and launch team as they count down to a big day.


~ by Greg Lee on September 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “In pictures: The power of new churches”

  1. Very much enjoyed your sermon at Story Church, and it was great meeting you too!

  2. Greg, I love following Suncrest’s continued journey of sharing and building churches in so many different directions!…..the heart of Suncrest continues to be all encompassing! Blessings to you all!

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